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OK, we know that “better” is entirely subjective, but a selection of cards made available by “Love From The Artist”, a visual arts focused CIC created by RSA Fellows Lynda Harvey and Ian Lacey, is perhaps worth a look.

LFTA aims to help artists by providing a free ecommerce platform that they can use to increase their commercial activity. This year they have made a selection of designs by their member artists available as cute little card packs that you can get from

LFTA is a not-for-profit venture that has made a practical difference to many artists hoping to develop their work and their presence in the world of print. Its aim is to ensure that its member artists are the ones earning, rightly and fairly, from their great works. For this Christmas though, the LFTA artists are generously giving up a slice of their income to help out with the coffeehouse appeal.

Please show your support and buy a pack (or more if you’re feeling generous) and make a small donation to the coffeehouse appeal by doing so.

Merry Christmas!


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