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Mental Pictures is a project that invites RSA students at Arrow Vale RSA Academy, Church Hill Middle School, Ipsley CE RSA Academy, Whitley Academy and Holyhead School to create a positive mental health campaign to share with their wider school.

Church Hill students created postcards with positive phrases and encouraging messages on, hiding them in library books; pupils who find the postcards in their books, then have to hide it in another book. This was inspired by Frank Warren’s community art project, Postsecret. Holyhead students produced a graphic design artwork based on their mind maps and exploring what a healthy brain looks like.

Artwork above by a Holyhead School student    

Mental Pictures involved RSA Fellow Caroline Coates and Morag Myerscough RDI and Helen Storey RDI, and a RSA Student Design Award winner, Charlotte Lench – as well as The Samaritans.

About 130 students across the 5 schools participated. The project has resulted in unlikely friendships being formed, mental health being discussed more openly in school, as well as new art techniques being explored.


Postcards above by Church Hill Middle School students    

If you would be interested in working with the RSA schools please contact RSAA Programme Manager Georgina Chatfield.


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