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Every good story starts with a book: the story of a child being able to read, communicate well with other young people, achieve the qualifications to get a good career, exceed expectations and become a great parent who is able to pass their reading skills on to their own children.

But what if that child never picks up a book?

On 22 November Banbury Literary Live will bring together best-selling authors and young people from Banbury and beyond to discover how reading and writing can fire imaginations.

This event is sponsered by the Driving Ambition Project - a successful Fellow-led initiative based in Banbury. It will aim to show how reading can kick-start confidence and spark ambition for life. For kids and teens this could be a memorable moment that lasts a lifetime.

But, it is a 'not for profit' crowd-funded event that is run by volunteers, so it relies on the generosity and support of imaginative organisations and people like you to make it happen.

Backing Banbury Literary Live couldn't be simpler. Just visit their Kickstarter page now. No matter how small or large, your backing will make a difference – and that difference could last a lifetime.

Please help us make this event possible by donating. 


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