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Did you know that according to the World Bank, textiles production is ranked the second greatest contributor to global water pollution? And did you know that your desire and purchase of cashmere this winter is contributing to unsustainable levels of cashmere goats consuming up to 95% of forage across the Tibetan plateau, Mongolia and northern India, leaving just 5% for wild animals to graze?

Many consumers unknowingly choose to purchase unsustainable clothing, particularly woollen fibres, which result in wild animals becoming the ultimate "fashion victims" (Conservation Biology). The global fashion industry and its supply chain is endemically responsible for human suffering, furthering poverty, decimating wildlife and our environment. 

Presented by Tengri, ‘From Herder to High Fashion’ is an evening talk that will focus on sustainability, social im-pact and geo-relational fashion. Join them on the evening of November 25th for to hear from pioneers and fashion revolutionaries, championing innovative solutions for sustainable and ethical fashion. Industry vanguards who are challenging the status quo will discuss the creation of prestige garments with a transparent supply chain that helps protect biodiversity, wild animals and marginalised people living in rural and remote places. The event launches a series of inspirational talks on sustainable living focusing on our everyday choice of clothing, empowering us with the knowledge to learn more about the fashion and textiles industry and sustainable al-ternatives available.

Nancy Johnston, RSA Fellow and Tengri founder, will reveal how the brand launched a collective movement to improve the wider fashion industry. Tengri operates as a social business, specialising in natural materials with a 100% ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly and transparent supply chain, trading fairly with Mongolian nomadic herders.

From Herder to High Fashion forms part of a wider partnerships with the Responsible Ecosystems Sourcing Plat-form (RESP), Ashoka, Interchange London, bookabeat and Impact Hub King’s Cross, and features panel discus-sions with Tengri collective members and designers, Bertie Bertinez, Katie Jones, Diane Goldie and Tengri brand ambassador and featured bookabeat artist, Miss Baby Sol. Costumer and visual artist Alex Noble and university partnerships with Central Saint Martins, Heriot-Watt and Bath Spa University will form part of the series at a lat-er date.

Eduardo Escobedo, Executive Director, RESP, said: “Promoting the sustainable use of biodiversity through the traceable sourcing of high-quality raw materials like yak fibres provides an important opportunity for the luxury fashion industry to contribute to the conservation of key ecosystems. Long-term livelihood opportunities for local communities can be safeguarded and communities empowered as the main custodians of their natural capital.”

Join them in this unique opportunity to hear one of the fashion calendar’s most inspiring panels explore sustaina-bility, social impact and geo-relational fashion.

Food and drinks reception provided. Spaces are limited. Avoid disappointment by booking your tickets here.



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