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HAPPY DAYS is a series of annual festivals celebrating the work and influence of three Irish playwrights: Nobel Prize-winning writer Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde and Brian Friel.

It has been designed as a cultural tourism initiative whereby the participation and programming of international artists and events, bring positive worldwide attention to Northern Ireland and other communities in need of support.

What they’re looking for:

Board member Sally Everist FRSA would like to reach out to any Fellows who can help her and the team develop HAPPY DAYS.

HAPPY DAYS want to develop their brand to encompass the festival’s activity and their socio-cultural impact, placing them within a high-quality international cultural bracket whilst remaining rooted in the Northern Irish landscape. Therefore, they are looking for an individual/organisation who would be prepared to do some pro bono work and assist them in identifying our single brand identity (the help can take the form of email correspondence, phone calls or workshops/brainstorming sessions). 

The five bio festivals, along with other associated activities need an umbrella brand that the festivals can sit collectively within. 

About Happy Days: 

The core aim of the festivals is to inject a spirit of self-esteem and pride while providing cultural enrichment to community and contributing to long-term peace and prosperity. Bringing change through the Arts is central to all three festivals and the team are committed to educational programs for the local communities, students and artists. Volunteering and opportunities to up-skill are also crucial elements of the program and are beginning to show positive results.   

With Beckett, Wilde and Friel, (Happy Days, A Wilde Weekend and Lughnasa International Friel Festival) the three eponymous festivals have an important role in posing huge questions around conscience, dialogue, belonging, values and authenticity. They offer wonderful encouragement to us to challenge preconceptions, to ask difficult questions, to celebrate the continuities in our history whilst at the same time recognising the need to forge new methods for the future.

In March 2016, HAPPY DAYS will launch the next in their series of festivals: Commencez! Beckett in Paris - sadly, now a community also experiencing conflict and the trauma associated with terrorism. This festival has been in development for over three years and is not a knee jerk reaction. 

If you are interested in getting involved with HAPPY DAYS, please leave a comment below or contact Sally directly


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