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In real terms, donations to charity across the UK are the same now as they were 30 years ago despite significant increases in wealth; there are 119 billionaires in the UK compared to just 9 in 1989 and anyone earning over £34,000 a year is in the wealthiest 1% in the world.

Quartet Community Foundation (run by RSA Fellow Sue Turner) and Philanthropy Impact are working together to explore ways to inspire more people to act philanthropically. On Tuesday 18 October 4pm-7pm they will be holding their latest event revealing new research which shows that people who receive philanthropy advice give on average 17 times more than their peers who don’t receive this type of advice…but only 1 in 5 professional advisers give philanthropy advice.

So how do we encourage the advisory community to talk to their clients about philanthropy? What are the barriers and how can we overcome them so these key gate keepers can inspire more people to become philanthropists? RSA Fellows are very welcome to attend and share their views at this event which is kindly being hosted by Bond Dickson at their Bristol office.

Please register to attend or find out more at:


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