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Discussions about the future of work have been dominated by hypothetical scenarios, often pessimistic, about our ability to adapt as a society to the coming rise of automation and AI. More rarely assessed is what business can do to shape this future - what we know with certainty will be needed, and what we can do to prepare.

Critical Purpose, a group created by RSA Fellows Daniel Stanley and Simon Matthews for people interested in taking a constructively critical look at the ways in which business models can be used as a force for good, is hosting an event on this theme in Rawthmells next Tuesday.

Three expert speakers will share their views on different aspects, as well as take part in structured discussions to tackle some of the big questions:

Kate Sutton, Head of Corporate Social Innovation at Nesta on what the evidence really says about the specific job skills people and business will need

Sarah Stein Lubrano, Head of Content at the School of Life on how emotional skills will be the most important for the future of work, and how you can get them

Adam Grodecki, Founder and Director, Forward Institute - on how best can we harness the growing desire for purposeful work

There are a few spaces available to RSA Fellows.  If you are interested in attending, please email: for more details.


Location: Rawthmells (Dr Cross Room and the Steps)

Date and time: Tuesday 19th February 6pm



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