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After the summer, RSA Performing Arts Network look forward to joining up with the RSA Team for a special Ideas event with a poetic twist.

The Network is taking a bit of a summer break but we plan to return, refreshed, in the Autumn.  Following the successful South Bank Walk, held in conjunction with the Fellows Artists Network recently we are hoping to hold a joint meeting with them to look at how we can put more arts into the Arts in the RSA with a programme of events for our Fellow FRSAs that highlight how much and how well the Arts "enrich society through ideas and actions".    

In late October the Performance Poets in the Performing Arts Network will be presenting a special RSA Ideas event, in conjunction with the Centre for Poetry at Queen Mary University of London. RSA Ideas events enable fellows to pitch ideas and early-stage projects to an audience, drawing on the expertise of our network to help ideas turn into action. The poetic twist for this special RSA Ideas - How Poetry Matters - is that each pitcher will be paired with a poet in advance of the event. These performers will present poems of varying length and complexity, that encapsulate, evoke, or otherwise illustrate an important theme from each idea shared.  This unique event will combine ideas, art and action.  

If you’d like to pitch or perform please let Jackie Elliman the RSA Performing Arts network lead know by email to by the end of June.  


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