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2014 was a definitive year for Scottish people at home and abroad, but if the referendum proved one thing, it was that citizens of all ages and backgrounds care very much about the future of their country....

...and, political participation doesn’t need to end there.

In anticipation of the political storm September's vote would inevitably bring, Cat Cochrane and Sarah Drummond FRSA set up Dearest Scotland as a way for people to communicate the issues they feel strongly about.

They are were inundated with responses and are now compiling all those letters into a book, but they can’t do it without some help.  

Lend your support to their Kickstarter Campaign and help create a special, unique form of open democracy 

The book will serve as a true and accurate record of what people have to say about Scotland’s future and it will be will be immensely valuable to those in central government, local councils, businesses or anybody with a connection to Scotland.

They’re £7,444 into their £10,000 target (on date of publication), so your contribution will really make the difference between whether it goes ahead or not. 


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