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Facing cuts, challenges and difficult decisions? Worried about what might happen to our most vulnerable people? Want to tackle some of the North East's most urgent problems, now?

Join forward-thinkers from public, private and 3rd sectors coming together to solve our own problems using ‘design thinking’, a process of co-creating social change that’s useful, effective and desirable for our whole system of people and services. Come along to Newcastle University Business School on 26th January 2016 for our first challenge 

The challenge:

Over 5,000 older and vulnerable people depend on Telecare services to live independently and safely - but funding for those who have the service paid for by the local authority, could be removed in April. 

If the service loses too many service users too quickly, it may no longer be possible to offer a full service to all of its customers. How do we avoid the potential impact of this? How do we avoid risking an individual’s independence and safety? How do we avoid creating extra pressure on the health, housing and social care system? 

The idea behind this particular challenge is to tackle some of the barriers associated with take up of self-funded services. What could Your Home Newcastle (who provides Telecare and other support services) do differently to make their service more attractive to self-funders? Could organisations work together or differently to share resources? Are there other ways that people can have their needs met if they don’t want to pay for telecare? …. and other questions that the group will come up with themselves. 

We would really welcome the contribution from RSA Fellows to see if together we can develop innovate solutions to seemingly difficult problems. 

For further information and to register please follow this link:


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