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The Corpse Project have just been awarded a year’s development funding from the Wellcome Trust. Thanks to this, they are able to recruit a Project Officer (communications, research and programme support) to work with Sophie Churchill FRSA, the project’s founder, for 2 days a week starting in January 2016

The Corpse Project explores and promotes better ways with our bodies after death. Its fundamental question is ‘How can we lay our bodies to rest in ways which help the living and the earth? 

Land is scarce, soil needs replenishing and the technologies involved in the dead body need to use less non-renewable energy. Alongside the environmental concerns, many people are disconnected from the realities of death and ignorant of the options, now and in the future. They often feel unhappy about the current options, (burial and cremation) but don’t know much about it or what could be different. 

This year, they will be:

  • reviewing the scientific evidence about the impacts of different options (deeper and shallow burial, cremation, new technologies)
  • seeing what the public’s attitudes are towards the options, with a special emphasis on people not usually engaged in this issue
  • communicating any findings widely
  • planning for future work 

The Corpse Project is a new and exciting initiative contributing to the wider debate on death and dying. If you are interested the in applying for the Project Officer role you can find more information on their website. The deadline for applications is Wednesday 16 December at 5pm.


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