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The ‘Gifted Citizen Prize’ seeks to benefit humanity by promoting innovation, through incentivizing social entrepreneurship projects from around the world.

Gifted Citizen is an international recognition as well as a monetary prize of one million Mexican pesos. The prize is awarded at la Ciudad de las Ideas to entrepreneurs whose projects have the potential to change the lives of millions of people.

Gifted Citizen is looking for people that are committed, have ambition and vision, and have a pragmatic approach to their projects. 

Gifted Citizen accepts high impact projects grouped under the following categories:

-Scientific Innovations.

-Technological inventions.

-Educational ecological, and/or social transformations.

-Meaningful contributions to arts and culture.

-Inducement of sustainable economic development and of socially responsible entrepreneurship.

-Defense and promotion of human, cultural, and social rights.

RSA Fellows are encouraged to apply for the Gifted Citizen Prize here:

For more information

 The deadline for submissions is 21st August 2017.


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