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In November 2019 we invited RSA Fellows to come together to discuss an ambitious new programme for young democracy in Scotland. Supported by Fellowship Councillor Lesley Martin FRSA, Petra Biberbach FRSA and Paul Ingram FRSA, we have begun a first stage mapping report.

The young deserve full agency in deciding society’s direction regarding sustainability, climate and the environment, the economy, social inclusion, social progress, education and equality - major challenges for the future. The future of democracy is in the hands of the young and needs the most positive drive we can give it.

If you would you like to help shape the future for young people, working with the RSA, schools, colleges and other institutions to create a manifesto for a new democracy, please contact Angela Robertson, Network Engagement Coordinator for RSA Scotland at

Together, we could make a meaningful impact across the country to address the issues that really engage young people.


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