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Take forward new ideas and critical thinking to a local area by organising a bespoke event to bring RSA Fellows together. Whilst the subject will focus on the RSA’s key themes, the format can be unique. When targeting a larger audience, we encourage a longer planning time, a team of people to help deliver the activity and holding events in partnership with organisations who reflect the RSA’s values.

Our event would never have happened without the RSA, which has provided encouragement at all levels. The opportunities to meet Fellows in Leicester were essential in forming the small team who’s steady application led to the TEDxLeicester event – our sincere thanks to them.

Allan Hayes FRSA

 Previous Fellow-led Events

How does it work?

Elements of RSA events must be involved: the opportunity to network, learning and discussion, and highlighting RSA work. Timings can vary, consider weekends as well as lunchtimes, afternoons or early evenings. Your event would require a host and if relevant, a facilitator.

Bespoke events can take many forms and give Fellows the opportunity to think big and embrace their creativity.

Are there areas of the RSA key themes you would like to explore with other Fellows? Do you know of potential partner organisations that might be interested in co-hosting an event, meeting or workshop?  Would you like to contribute to the RSA’s local activities calendar?

If so, we want to hear from you!


Step 1: Inspiration

Explore ideas, potential formats and themes, communicate these amongst Fellows and gather a like-minded team to plan and deliver activity. Start brainstorming what type event you would like to hold; ideally one which highlights key RSA themes that the group are passionate about.

Step 2: Discussion

Discuss ideas, budgets and dates with Fellowship Councillors and your RSA Area Manager in order to get feedback and insight into how this event could fit into the local activities calendar. Explore potential partnerships with organisations. Agree roles for the Fellows involved and identify your speakers and hosts.

Step 3: Location

Choose your location and venue. These events are designed to have a large audience so choosing somewhere with space to accommodate is vital. Having the relevant technology and support at the venue is also important; we strongly advise testing logistics prior to the event.

Step 4: Planning the event

There is plenty of support available to help shape your ideas and your event. Once you have decided on the event format, date, time and venue, it's recommended you develop an event and communications plan. Make sure that your collaborators are fully briefed and understand their roles.

Step 5: Promotion

Once you have confirmed the date/time/venue, let us know and we can create a booking page and promote the event to other RSA Fellows. Invite your colleagues, friends, and neighbours to join in and use social media (#FRSA) to raise awareness of your event.

Step 6:  Prior to the event

Confirm details with all involved in the delivery of the event. Many venues also welcome an update on the expected number of attendees. The Local Area team will collate an attendee list from the RSA booking page and if required, send materials (Journals, name badges) to you prior to the event - please request with at least one weeks notice. 

Step 7: The event itself

Ensure you have hosts to welcome participants and capture attendance. Introduce and outline the format, keep your event to time, make sure everyone has a voice and talk about the work of the RSA. Perhaps even plan your next steps or arrange a follow-up event on a different topic.

Step 8: Feedback

Capture feedback from the participants, what did they think of the event and are there any next steps? Please provide details of who attended by returning a copy of the sign-in list. We can support you with sending a follow-up mailing after the event.

Thinking about organising local RSA activity?

Thinking about organising local RSA activity?

Whether you want to run an event or start a new network, there is support available to help shape your ideas and promote your activity.

To suggest an idea for activity in your Area to the team, please contact