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The Find a Fellow tool on the RSA platform has been useful for travelling internationally. In the spring, I was in Thailand for two months. I wrote to six FRSAs on the platform and connected with all of them. The ability to connect with Fellows globally is quite useful since I do not have regular access to the RSA House and the events in London. It has made the Fellowship come alive for me.

Susannah Tantemsapya

Director of Creative Migration

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The Fellowship is full of experts willing to share their skills and experience to help with projects that progress the RSA's mission. You can search for other Fellows based on their location, skills and interests, or use a keyword search to find the right person. 


Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop

Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop

An experienced educator creating new ways for children to learn about the changing world.


Esmee Wilcox

Esmee Wilcox

Founder of Socially Adept, tackling messy human and social problems, within and across sectors.




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Here are the most frequently asked questions.

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Question: What size photo should I use? 

A square photo 300 x 300 will work best. Need to crop your photo? Just use one of the many free online picture resizing tools. 

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If you have already registered with MyRSA but cannot use the Fellow-only features, make sure you click account activation.