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The Find a Fellow tool on the RSA platform has been useful for travelling internationally. In the spring, I was in Thailand for two months. I wrote to six FRSAs on the platform and connected with all of them. The ability to connect with Fellows globally is quite useful since I do not have regular access to the RSA House and the events in London. It has made the Fellowship come alive for me.

Susannah Tantemsapya

Director of Creative Migration


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I had a great experience with the RSA website. I was approached by a US based group investing in an African project which was directly relevant to my own experience and contacts. Very worthwhile.

Garry Sharp FRSA


Ana Carneiro

Ana Carneiro

Change through better products with a sustainable journey behind and ahead of them


Chris Passey

Chris Passey

Vocal Coach, Choir Director and Composer


Giovanna Forte

Giovanna Forte

MedTech: healthcare pioneer



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Yes, when editing the 'about you' section of your profile, tick the 'hide your profile' box at the bottom.  

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You only need to register on the site if you're not an RSA Fellow, or if you didn't apply for Fellowship directly through our website. Applying online automatically sets up a blank profile for you. 

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