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LGBT Creative Cultures Network


Leading cultural change and enriching society around diverse and inclusive LGBT+ issues via lecture series, creative interventions and networking events while reducing stigma and stereotyping of LGBT+ people.

We will aim to work towards conditions for change: working with education, arts, culture, as well as sports bodies and other workplaces (corporate, statutory and public bodies) to enhance engagement of LGBT people and bring LGBT cultural issues to the forefront.

We will aim to work towards creating a resource base of LGBT practitioners for educational, statutory bodies and media for the future use. It is a great opportunity for people who acted as informal ambassadors to work towards ‘Creating LGBT Ambassadorships structures’.

As a gay man of Indian origin, I was doubly proud to start the LGBT+ Creative Cultures Network a few years ago. This network has ambitious goals to address and tackle the social equality and social justice issues for LGBT+ people from diverse backgrounds across the world.

Niranjan Kamatkar FRSA

LGBT+ Creative Cultures Network Fellow Lead