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Download our printable guide

Download our printable guide

Here you'll find an easy-to-print version of the information below.

Feel free to share this with others involved in the organisation of your event and if you have any questions, contact your regional or global manager (details at the bottom of this page).

Download our guide

TYPES of events

Fellows are welcome to put on events on the many topics of interst to them, in ways they think will work best. Here is a sample of the more popular formats that Fellows have found to work best.

RSA Watch

Run an event around livestreaming or replaying one of the RSA Lectures. Allocate 20 minutes for networking and  welcome, 20 - 30 minute talk, plus 30 - 40 minute discussion hosted by a chair.

Fellow-led Projects

RSA Fellows pitch projects on the selected theme and seek support and advice from the audience. Stand up and share your ideas, seek support and test your thinking.

RSA Fellow Meetup

This is a great event for RSA Fellows within a region or country to meet each other learn about their expertise,  areas of interest and projects they are currently pursuing.

RSA Dialogue

Focus on an individual piece of RSA research that has caught your attention like our work on Heritage or  Volunteering. Is there one report that you want to share and discuss with others?

Most of the RSA’s work can be traced back one basic thought: that the best way to change society for the better is to help people change it for themselves.

Abena Poku - Awuah

Sustainability Associate - Foster & Partners

Using the Fellowship Logo

Using the Fellowship Logo

When promoting your event, you are welcome to use the Fellowship logo, as long as it is in keeping with our guidelines.

For help and advice on how the logo can be used, please view our downloadable guide.

How can I use the logo?

Our Event to-do list

Whether you've got experience in running your own events or not, here's a checklist that might help you plan.

Before the event

Contact the venue to make sure everything is ready, confirm requirements like a cash bar. Visit if possible to check access. 

Let them know timings and give them a sense of participants and format.

Plan your promotion of the event using tools and social media. Have a look at our guides to blogging and writing news items.

Consider your legal responsibilities, public liability insurance, prepare a risk assessment. 


On the day of the event

Arrive early to ensure all details are in place (seating, sound and audio visual equipment, microphone etc).

Ensure that the signage is in place displaying the RSA fellowship logo. Do you need RSA literature to display?

Once everything is ready, prepare to welcome your guests.

Record who attended the event. RSA staff can provide you with simple sign in sheets.

Ensure pictures are taken and tweet about the event using the appropriate hashtag – #FRSA or for Global events use #RSAGlobal.

Evaluation – provide simple feedback forms of your own, or you can download one of ours here.

After the event

Thank the venue manager and sponsors if applicable.

Inform your staff contact how the event went, number of attendees and attendee details.

Contact your attendees with follow-up through your staff contact.

This is another good time to write a blog or news item about the event or any valuable connections that were made. Encourage attendees to write a blog too - put them in touch with one of the contacts at the bottom of this page.




Keep it informal, make it fun and welcoming

Encourage a ‘can do’ approach with a no blame attitude.

Make sure everyone has their say, ensure all viewpoints are aired.

Try to not let anyone dominate the conversation.

Encourage stimulating conversation and good ideas, laugh, question and engage in friendly conversation.

Leave some empty chairs for late comers.

Promoting your event

Here at the RSA we host all our Fellows events online at and we can promote them through a variety of communications and social media channels. Fellows can search in their area on the RSA Webpage to easily see what is happening near them.

We are looking to mobilise events that reflect our mission by engaging diverse networks, identify great ideas, share thinking and innovations in our key areas of focus. 

When you have an idea for an event we ask that you contact a member of the RSA regional team or the RSA Global Team with some basic information (listed below). Using this information, RSA Staff can advise on promoting your event and manage the online registration process via a dedicated event page and online booking system.

Event title

Date & time

Venue & Location

Description of the event including format type and speakers (around 200 words)

Contact person

Here are some essential steps for event planning:

  1. Allow at least six weeks to promote your event.

  2. Make your event title stand out, keep it simple and short, we host nearly 300 Fellowship events a year.

  3. Think about your audience and what they will be asked to do.

  4. Make sure the format for your event is clear.  Set expectations when creating promotion material.

  5. Find out which individuals, organisations and groups you want to know about your event and send them a personal invite.

  6. If collaborating with another organisation make sure responsibilities are agreed. 


RSA Event Rules

Thanks to our network of Fellows, RSA activity is growing. We welcome use of RSA Fellowship branding in event promotion, but do ask that you abide by a few simple rules. These rules are mandatory for all Fellows who want to lead activity. To use the RSA Fellowship logo you’ll need to:

  • Let us know it is happening

  • Conform to our logo guidelines, available here

  • Use the Eventbrite booking system

  • Record who attended the event, then send the information to your Regional Manager or Regional Coordinator

  • Follow recommendations we give, based on our experience of what makes a great Fellows event

  • Ensure the event is open and welcoming

  • Work in collaboration with other Fellows to deliver activity

fellow-led Events

Need some inspiration? Here is a selection of some upcoming Fellow-led events.

RSA Cambridge Street Wisdom

22nd July 2016

Outside Great St Mary’s Church, Cambridge

Digital 'wiki' platform that crowd-sources information on government processes in Nepal, helping citizens to navigate their public services.


Louise Matter

Louise Matter

RSA Regional Manager, UK


Mark Hall

Mark Hall

RSA Regional Manager, UK


Viv Long-Ferguson

Viv Long-Ferguson

RSA Regional Manager, UK


Adanna Shallowe

Adanna Shallowe

RSA Global Manager