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Scotland's chance to lead the world

Through events, reports and collaboration with key stakeholders, RSA Scotland has been leading the conversation about how a Universal Basic Income could become a reality.  Now we are taking this work to the next stage, and need your involvement to do so.

What is UBI?

Universal Basic Income is a payment made to every eligible adult and child. It is not dependent on income and so is not means-tested. It is a basic platform on which people can build their lives – whether they want to earn, learn, care or set up a business.

Get involved

With growing momentum around the idea and the possibility of the policy being piloted in parts of Scotland, we are looking to build a network of Scottish RSA Fellows who can debate and take action on this idea.

To be put in touch with Head of RSA Scotland Jamie Cooke to learn more about the work going on and how to be involved, enter your details in the form below.

At the RSA we are firmly committed to not just thinking about solutions to problems in the world, but to actively testing these ideas out in reality. We are looking for people with an interest in UBI to join our Fellowship so we can start building a network that can act on this idea.

Jamie Cooke

Head of RSA Scotland