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Booking coffeehouse spaces

There are two ways to book spaces in Rawthmells if you have a social change idea worth sharing. If you'd like to reserve The Collaboration Room or The Steps for a meeting or event and don't have any additional requirements, please read the terms below before submitting the booking form. If you'd like our support to plan an event in other or multiple spaces in the coffeehouse and to arrange catering, please get in touch with the team via with a date, number of guests, preferred spaces and format so we can discuss what's possible. 

Please read the following guidelines before submitting the form below:

  • The spaces in Rawthmells are free to hire by anyone who has a good idea worth sharing. You don't need to be a Fellow to book the space, but if you like the coffeehouse, the people, and our mission, then you really should consider joining us! 
  • You can't bring your own food and drink into the House for two very good reasons: firstly, any food or drink you buy at the House provides vital funding towards our social change projects; and secondly, everything tastes delicous and is responsibly produced by our Head Chef Darren. 
  • The purpose of the coffeehouse is to foster serendipity by connecting people, ideas and projects and so all the spaces are quite open. People are free to pass by and enquire about what you are working on. On that note you might want to share your work via the twitter hashtag #jointheconversation (the hastag #FRSA is also a great way to reach out to RSA Fellows). If you need to have a sensitive or private conversation, then we recommend booking one of the spaces outside the coffeehouse (the Tindale Room is ideal)
  • The screen in The Steps uses an HDMI cable so please check that your laptop has an HDMI port and if neccessary bring an adaptor with you
  • The screen in the Collaboration Room is touchscreen - you can access any files you'd like too using cloud based services. You can also use Airtame to connect your laptop to the screen. Instructions for doing so can be found here
  • Reservations in the Collaboration Room can be made for between 6 to 12 people for up to 3 hours
  • Reservations for The Steps can be made for up to 30 people 
  • Please make sure the space is left tidy for the next person

Booking a space

To request to book one of the spaces in Rawthmells coffeehouse, please fill in the following form. Please note that due to the number of requests received it may take up to a week to process your booking. 

Booking form