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Why join the Fellowship Council?

Why join the Fellowship Council?

Becoming a Fellowship Councillor will enable you to use your skills and experience to make a valuable contribution to the RSA. Fellowship Councillors support the mission and values of the organisation, as outlined in the Fellowship Charter, and are effective advocates and ambassadors for the RSA.

As a Fellowship Councillor you can:

  • Support Fellows to make an impact through their projects
  • Lead stimulating and rewarding events and activities locally / relating to a specific programme
  • Contribute to what’s happening in your geographic area or area of knowledge
  • Learn more about the RSA and the work we do
  • Be part of a core community of Fellows who influence RSA Fellowship activities and engagement
  • Work and network with interesting people from diverse backgrounds
  • Enhance your transferable skills and broaden your experience

What is the purpose of the Fellowship Council?

The purpose of Fellowship Council is to:

  1. Lead activity for Fellows, making connections between them, forming networks and being a key conduit to the work that the RSA is undertaking.
  2. Consult on and support core RSA programmes.
  3. Represent Fellows acting as the key consultation forum for the strategy and ideas developed by Trustees and staff.


Area Councillors

There are two Fellowship Councillors elected by our Fellows in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and each of the areas of England (North, Central, South West, South East and London). Six Councillors are elected to represent the Global regions, with two representing respectively RSA US and RSA Oceania, and two representing the rest of the world.

Councillors will work closely with Area Managers to collaboratively build local activity, support the activities and understand the views of Fellows in their local area, and feed this knowledge back to the organisation through the Chair of the Fellowship Council.

Programme Councillors

Programme Councillors are selected in accordance to the contribution they can make to RSA programmes of work. This could be as thematic experts or practitioners, or as specialists in supporting the development of Fellowship engagement in those programmes. Scroll down the page to see the areas our live and emerging programmes cover. 

Councillors will work closely with programme teams and RSA staff to develop Fellowship engagement opportunities in RSA programmes of work, support the activities of Fellows in their specialist area, including Fellow-led thematic networks where appropriate, and understand Fellows’ views in their programme area and feed this knowledge back to the organisation as appropriate.

What are we looking for?

Familiarity with, and interest in, the work of the RSA

Experience of a volunteer role (preferably with Fellows), and at least one of:

  • creating successful networks and events
  • developing and delivering successful projects
  • supporting and developing people

Willingness to dedicate sufficient time to this volunteer role

How to apply 

To apply, please submit a two-sided CV and your answers to the following questions via the RSA recruitment portal:

Apply for Area Councillor Role

Apply for Programme Councillor Role

  • Looking at the Role Description, why do you wish to stand and what would you look to contribute?
  • In relation to previous experience what skills and attributes make you suitable for the role?

NB: answers will be limited to 250 words. Apply by 10.00 BST on Monday 8 June.

Being part of the Fellowship Council gives you a sense of working together for a better tomorrow. That is invaluable to find & will be something to cherish for years to come.

Bhavani Esapathi FRSA

London Fellowship Councillor

What's the experience of being a Fellowship Councillor?

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about the nominations and elections process, please contact: 

Being part of the Fellowship Council is an excellent way to connect and support people who are trying to make a difference to society.

Lucy Griffiths FRSA

Director, We Are Lucky; Fellowship Councillor

RSA UK areas

Scotland, Ireland, and Wales each form an RSA area respectively. The RSA in England is divided into five areas: North, Central, South West, South East and London.

RSA Programmes

We are looking to appoint a group of Councillors who cover confirmed RSA programmes and developing programme areas. We are also interested in hearing from candidates with experience of design thinking or systems change approaches.

The Future of Work programme is now up and running, alongside design & development work on Regenerative Futures. We are exploring programmes in the following areas; the current expression of our thinking on these can be found in our work on Bridges to the Future.

  • Educational equality
  • A learning society
  • People & places
  • The future of public services
  • Economic security