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Who is in the RSA Fellow network?

The RSA Fellow network is a powerful one. There are over 28,000 people around the globe who are part of creating the conditions for social change, not just amongst our diverse Fellowship, but also in the institutions and communities they represent.

Past Fellows have included Benjamin Franklin, Karl Marx, Marie Curie and Charles Dickens. While many Fellows have achieved recognition for their contribution in a particular field, this it is not the defining criterion for becoming a Fellow. Our ethos is inclusive. We value all who positively impact society.

Fellowship application process

Step 1 : Complete and submit the application

You will be asked to answer some questions and sign a declaration adhering to our Fellowship Charter and Bye-laws. If you have any questions about answering the questions don't hesitate to get in touch .

Step 2: References

We require applicants to submit two references who will be contacted once you have submitted your application to provide a character reference. They do not have to be Fellows of the RSA, but they should be able to corroborate your commitment to social change.

Step 3: Admissions Panel

Your application will be reviewed by the Admission Panel which consists of three Fellows chosen by the Trustee Board to oversee applications to the Fellowship. Depending on the number of applications at the time, a decision will be communicated within 10 working days upon receipt of your application. 

How much does Fellowship Cost?

There is an annual fee of £175 paid by all Fellows to sustain the RSA, which is a non-profit organization. There are two ways to pay the Fellowship subscription:

1. Setting up a Direct Debit and paying a monthly tax-deductible subscription of £14.58

2. Making a one-time payment by credit or debit card for the annual tax-deductible subscription.

Those joining for the first time also pay a one-off £75 registration fee. If for any reason your application is not successful all fees are refunded in full.

If you wish to apply for Life Fellowship at £3,900 please indicate so in your application.

How much does Fellowship Cost?
Are you Eligible for Fast-track?

Are you Eligible for Fast-track?

If you have made a prominent contribution to social change you may be eligible for a fast-track application.

Your achievments may be in the management of social business, nonprofit, or public sector body; in the academic world; or through volunteering your time and expertise for the benefit of your community. Evidence of your contribution should be available online.

Fast-Track your RSA US Fellowship Application