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Australia and New Zealand

RSA ANZ is a growing community of Fellows actively working to drive social change in Australia and New Zealand. We work creatively to bring together people, ideas and initiatives to open up new ways of addressing the challenges of our time.

Our activities range from targeted networking events to large scale symposiums with internationally renowned speakers. We also work collaboratively with key stakeholders in industry and government to deliver research and reports on topics such as the future of work, inclusive growth and citizen engagement.

In 2018, we will be exploring new networks and thematic groups to enable Fellows to collaborate on individual projects and events.

To find out more about our activities in Australia or New Zealand, or to share your event or project idea, email

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Why should I become an RSA Fellow?

  • To be part of a movement that is enriching society through the sharing of ideas and concrete actions to drive social change with out-of-the-box thinking

  • To join a powerful global network of people inspired by bright ideas to meet these like-minded individuals in person and virtually

  • To get access to the newest cutting-edge ideas that the amaizing network of RSA Fellows are producing and sharing

  • To have reliable place to return to for constant new content providing inspiration, motivation, and viable alternatives for a futue that better meets the needs of human beigns

  • You share the values of creativity, inclusivity and responsibility. The RSA defines these as:You support the mission of the RSA. Which is, in short, to enrich society through ideas and action.

    • Creativity - a reliance on enhanced human capabilities to solve problems;

    • Inclusivity - reaching our aspiration for a world free of deprivation;

    • Responsibility - a shared focus on creating a better world.

By being a Fellow, you have exclusive access to:

  • The RSA Journal

  • Livestreamed events showcasing cutting edge ideas from all over the world

  • An outlet to share your ideas and work through the RSA blog, quarterly newsletter, and RSA Journal

  • Local events and connection to Fellows in your city/region.


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Fellows have access to original articles from some of the world's greatest thinkers in the award-winning RSA Journal and they stay up to date with the latest news, research and projects through regular communications.

We support and encourage Fellows who want to setup complementary projects, contribute articles to our online platform, and run events which build momentum around ideas that are central to our work.

A growing number of Fellows are working together on projects which are having real-world impact, supported by funding and expertise from RSA Catalyst. The Catalyst program provides small grants to support new ideas, connects project leaders with expertise from within the Fellowship and offers advice about running crowdfunding campaigns.

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The Board is responsible for overseeing the affairs of RSA ANZ and making decisions on its behalf.

Meet the ANZ team

Meet the ANZ team

Our talented team in Australia and New Zealand supports the RSA's networking activities and growth.

Governance News

Governance News

Updates from the RSA ANZ Board of Trustees on the recent governance changes.



Make contact with your nearest Connector to learn more about RSA activity in your area.

RSA Connectors are Fellows who organise events, convene local Fellows, and collaborate on projects in their respective countries. Connectors drive social change in their areas, connect actors across industries and interests, and create spaces to promote open and collaborative debate.