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If setting up a Direct Debit you can pay a monthly charitable subscription of £15.17 or a quarterly subscription of £45.50. Alternatively if paying by credit or debit card an annual subscription of £182 is payable.

Those joining for the first time also pay a one-off £75 registration fee. If for any reason your application is not successful all fees are refunded in full. 

If you wish to apply for Life Fellowship at £3,900 please get in touch.

Join the Fellowship


Fellowship is open to anyone who can demonstrate that they support the mission and share the values of the RSA. The application form asks three questions: 

Why do you wish to join the RSA? 

Tell us in your own words what has motivated you to apply for Fellowship of the RSA. 

Are there aspects of our work that are of particular interest to you?

What is it about the RSA mission that speaks to you?

Perhaps there are specific opportunities offered by the Fellowship that you are interested in? 

How do you hope to engage with the RSA?

We welcome all forms of engagement from our Fellows, many join simply to support the RSA through their donation, whereas others are interested in specific opportunities offered by becoming a Fellow.

We welcome both groups to the network.

Tell us a bit more about how you initially want to engage with the RSA as a Fellow.

How aligned do you feel you are to the values outlined in the RSA Fellowship Charter?

We'd like to know just one or two examples from either your professional or personal life which demonstrate the values outlined in the Fellowship Charter.

Are you eligible for fast-track?

Are you eligible for fast-track?

If you have made a prominent contribution to social change you may be eligible for a fast-track application.

Your achievements may be in the management of a social enterprise, charitable organisation or public sector body; in the academic world; or through volunteering your time and expertise for the benefit of your community. Evidence of your contribution should be publicly available online. 

Apply via fast-track


Step 1: Complete and submit application

As well as the questions above, you'll also be asked to sign a declaration adhering to our Fellowship Charter and Bye-laws. If you have any questions about answering the questions don't hesitate to get in touch

Step 2: Referees

We require applicants to submit details of two referees who will be contacted once you have submitted your application to provide a character reference. Your referees do not necessarily have to be Fellows of the RSA, but they should be able to corroborate your commitment to social change.

Step 3: Admissions Panel 

Your application will be reviewed by the Admissions Panel which consists of three Fellows chosen by the Trustee Board to oversee applications to the Fellowship. Depending on the number of applications at the time, a decision will be communicated within 10 working days upon receipt of your application. 


Peter Clitheroe

Peter Clitheroe

RSA Fellowship Councillor


Jan Portillo

Jan Portillo

Coach & facilitator. Coaches leaders of change in public & private sector organisations. RSA Trustee


Suzanne Lyle

Suzanne Lyle

RSA Fellowship Councillor



Here are the most frequently asked questions.

Question: How likely is it that my application will be accepted?

Our ethos is inclusive and we value all who positively impact society. Providing there is demonstrable evidence from either your professional or civic life that you share the values outlined in the Fellowship Charter we will be pleased to welcome you into the Fellowship. 

Question: When will I find out the decision regarding my application?

Applications are sent to the Admissions Panel for review each Friday and their decision is communicated the following Wednesday. Depending on the number of applications, you should hear from us no later than 12 working days. 

Question: Do I have to apply online? 

The online application is easier and cheaper for us to administer (the RSA is a charity), but a hardcopy application is available  and can be completed offline and returned freepost if you prefer, don't hesitate to contact us for a copy. 




If you have any questions about the application process, get in touch with Kavya, who will be happy to help.

Would you like a tour of the facilities at RSA House, or perhaps a coffee in Rawthmells and a chat about whether Fellowship is right for you? If so, Kavya will be happy to arrange this. 

Kavya Menon

Kavya Menon

Fellowship Development Manager