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What is the RSA?

What is the RSA?

We are an enlightenment organisation that has been at the forefront of social change for over 260 years.

We undertake research, develop projects, share new ideas and build networks to fulfil our mission of finding innovative solutions to social challenges. We focus our work where we believe we can have the greatest impact for the most people.

Our key areas of focus

The RSA offers many opportunities for you to grow your network, be inspired by new ideas, and find out about innovative social change projects. As a future leader in the non-profit sector I hope you take advantage and get involved. Get in touch with Olivia, details at the bottom, to discuss your next steps.

Matthew Taylor

Chief Executive, RSA

join us - Connect with like-minded peoplE

Meet other Fellows

Our nationwide series of RSA Engage events are fast-paced and designed to help you quickly develop connections with like-minded people. The events feature 'lightning' presentations from Fellows leading innovative social change projects.

Connect online

The Fellowship is full of experts willing to share their skills and experience to help other Fellows with social change initiatives. You can search for other Fellows based on location, skills, interests, and connect using a private online messaging service.

Upload your profile

Upload your profile to allow other Fellows to find and connect with you. Tell them what you're interested in, who you're looking to connect with, why you became a Fellow and how you can help other Fellows.

Liam Hackett

Liam Hackett

Founder and CEO of Ditch the Label; the UK's anti-bullying charity


Bonnie Chiu

Bonnie Chiu

Passionate about: women's empowerment, scaling ideas to global impact, arts for social change.


Nasiru Taura

Nasiru Taura

Social Entrepreneur & Innovator, Regional Economic Developer, and Writer


Having recently started a social enterprise I became aware of the RSA’s work and believe that it is performing an increasingly important function by developing a collaborative, socially focused community.

Neil Bachelor

Founder - Omnifolio

Be inspired by the brightest ideas

Be inspired by the brightest ideas

Through our unique Fellowship network new ideas from the RSA and around the world are made available to you.

Fellows have access to original articles from some of the world’s greatest thinkers in the award-winning RSA Journal and they stay up to date with the latest RSA news, research and projects through regular communications. We also encourage blogs from Fellows which build momentum around new or emerging ideas, or discuss something that's particularly relevant to our work.

This is the most resourceful network I've been connected to; it's about the quality of people. I wouldn't have done what I've done without the RSA.

Maria Ana Botelho Neves

Founder, Plan Zheroes

Help Develop Social Change Projects

Help Develop Social Change Projects

We believe everyone should have the power to turn their ideas into reality

The RSA Catalyst Programme offers small grants and crowdfunding to Fellows who want to develop new projects which tackle a social challenge. Many projects offer opportunities for Fellows to volunteer their skills and get involved. 

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Find a home for enlightened thinking

Find a home for enlightened thinking

RSA House has been the intellectual and social home of some of the greatest thinkers and social activists of the past 260 years.

The House offers a place for Fellows to meet and collaborate whenever they are in London. Come and have a coffee in the Gerard bar, a browse of our library, or find a quiet space to work. 

Fellows' Facilities

Join us

We would love you to become part of the RSA Fellowship network.

For Clore Social Fellows the usual £75 registration fee has been waived along with the annual £168 fee for your first year. Clore Fellows can also take advantage of a fast-track application which means you do not need to submit details of referees. For a chat about whether Fellowship is right for you, a cup of coffee and a tour of RSA House, or an application form, get in touch with Olivia.


Olivia Pyper

Olivia Pyper

Fellowship Development Coordinator