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The RSA has been at the forefront of social change for 260 years thanks to the support of our Fellows, a global network of over 27,000 people who share our values.

Fellows have access to the brightest new ideas, innovative projects, a diverse network of like-minded people and a platform for social change.

The RSA isn't a credentialed society, nor a social club but a movement for progressive change with our Fellowship driven by values and potential rather than simply nominal accomplishments.


A creative community with a cause

A creative community with a cause

Fellowship is an open, democratic ‘community of values’ and we welcome applications to join from everyone.

Joining is simple and requires:

  • The completion of a short application form which asks why you would like to join, how you intend to engage with our work and in what way you think your values are aligned with ours
  • Two character references
  • The payment of an annual subscription (either c£14.58pcm or £175pa) plus a one-off £75 joining fee


For more information please contact Adam Myers: or by telephone: (020) 7451 6904.

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