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In the news: Event Magazine asks the experts how to navigate the hot new cuisine on the scene, Korean.

The popularity for Korean cuisine has increased thanks to the recently-publicised health benefits of fermented food. Lucy Mears, sales and marketing manager of Harbour & Jones Events, said: "This is no fad, it’s a firm trend that shows no sign of disappearing any time soon.

"Fermented soybean pastes are being used as marinades, with the fermentation process neutralising the toxins and anti-nutrients that soybeans contain. The Korean food movement truly appeals to the indulgent and health-conscious alike."

The most famous fermented Korean dish is Kimchi, which is usually made of fermented cabbage. "Kimchi fried rice is the best way to use up left over cooked rice," recommended chef and food stylist Jourdan Bourke, who is currently working on the pre-release of his latest book, Our Korean Kitchen. "Fried with kimchi, sesame oil, gochujang (Korean chili paste) and egg, it is the ultimate fast, easy Korean lunch."

‘Infusion’ creations

Although a new discovery to the Western world, Korean has not been untouched by the fusion food fanatics. Mears said: "Infusion is the buzzword of the moment, with Korean flavours being served up in Mexican tacos, or American fried chicken taking on an Eastern edge."

Read the full piece on the Event Magazine website.


The fermented kimchi is known for its health benefits (Harbour & Jones Events)

Introducing Head Chef Nicholas Farkas

The team at RSA House are delighted to introduce our new Harbour & Jones Events head chef Nicholas Farkas. Supporting our Executive Chef Darren Archer, Nicholas joins us with a wealth of culinary knowledge from around the world.

As with any initiation we quizzed our new chef and thought it was only appropriate we shared the nitty gritty with you!

1. What aspect of your new role at RSA house are you looking forward to the most?
I am a very creative and organised person so I am looking forward to these two things playing a major part in my role here at the RSA House. I also enjoy the responsibility I have within the kitchen structure; it suits my strongest points.

2. What have you been up to all these years before joining us at RSA House?
I have been cooking for 17 years, so lots! I started in my hometown Vancouver, Canada working for two reputable restaurants. In 2004 I started traveling first within Canada searching for the best restaurants and trying to learn as much as possible. In 2007 with the help of my brother, I jumped the pond to London. I worked for L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon for three and a half years working my way up to Senior Chef de Partie. Once I progressed as much as possible, my girlfriend and I made the decision to move to the Caribbean. First we went to Mexico where I worked as interim Executive Chef, training for my role within the company as well as learning Spanish. In early 2012, we moved to Jamaica where I took over the Executive Chef role where I spent three years before residing back to the UK.

3. Why Harbour & Jones?
Harbour & Jones has an excellent reputation for using fresh and seasonal products, I felt that after my extensive experience in the industry, I wanted to go back to my roots. I have an interest in working in contract catering and with my Michelin star and 5 star hotel background, I felt Harbour & Jones was the right choice going forward in my career. The company ideals and concepts fit my way of thinking and working the most.

4. What is your greatest career achievement to date?
Well that's a tough one. I would say that there are two major ones. First, being a major part in L'Atelier earning their second Michelin Star in 2009. It was a highly rewarding and special feeling to be in that atmosphere; I'll never forget it. Secondly would be becoming an Executive Chef at 30 years old. It was a challenge, especially doing it in Spanish which I had to learn on the go. The achievement extends into my first year in Jamaica, nothing could have prepared me enough for that experience. It was unforgettable and made me the leader that I am today.

5. What are your plans for when you're old and grey?
I would love to move to the country with my wife and have a plot of land with animals and enjoy what all the hard work has paid off.

6. Tell us your favourite flavour combination
There are so many wonderful flavour combinations. I would say at the moment anything Asian.

7. And finally a few quick fire questions;
Surf or turf? Turf
Red or white wine? White
Eat in or eating out? Eating out
Starter or pudding? Starter
Seated dinner or street eats? Seated dinner

RSA takes on London Fashion Week 

With the home of London Fashion Week on our doorstep we were delighted to host our own special piece of the LFW pie here at RSA House.

Emerging designer Asli Polat studied Fashion Design at New York's prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, successively being nominated to exhibit her graduation collection during the “FIT Finals Show”. Asli divides her time between New York and London and presented her second collection for Fall Winter 2015 here at RSA House.

Our subterranean Vaults were the backdrop to the new collection from the designer with items of her collection being made from recycled Steiff bears, a company she works in conjunction with. The alcoves were fitted with bespoke benches, sweet treats and Steiff bears whilst the leggy models hit the runway showcasing new trends and styles in the fashion world.

We were excited to be in partnership with the up-and-coming designer, and we do hope to build on this in the near future and to host more fashion events at RSA House.

Ho ho ho - it’s only 240 days until Christmas!

It seems totally crazy to talk about all things festive when we are still in spring; but if you want a prime Christmas party date then now is the time to get planning.

This year we are offering Christmas party packages for standing parties from 50 to 220 guests from just £91 per person. Our subterranean Vaults are ideal for larger parties whilst the Tavern offers capacity for the smaller, more intimate affairs.  Our all-inclusive packages include venue hire, food and beverage and of course the usual Christmas based paraphernalia.

Please ask an RSA elf for more details on our Christmas party packages. If you are looking for a seated dinner then please ask for a bespoke quotation.  

Christmas in the Tavern

Christmas in the Vaults