Issue 1 2017


In this issue:

Ian Burbidge explores a different approach to public sector reform; Gus O'Donnell explains that policy based on wellbeing unlocks efficiency; and Emma Byrne discusses why swearing is actually good for society.

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Outdated public services must empower people to achieve change
To tackle the challenges faced by our public services, we need to learn to think like a system and act like an entrepreneur

Universities’ challenge
Higher education institutions must learn to play politics or their role in civil society will be determined by public opinion.

Tribalism is a double-edged sword
Reason is at the mercy of anger, but the same neurological responses that are helping to divide society could unite us

The digital age needs a new social revolution
Addressing the challenge of automation will take more than creative policymaking.

In pursuit of wellbeing
Government decisions based on quality of life and behavioural insights would provide the efficiency savings we badly need.

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