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Reema Patel

Reema Patel

Research Director and Head of Deliberative Engagement, Ipsos

Reema Patel is a thought-leader in the fields of technology, data and AI ethics, public engagement and participation, and diversity, equity and inclusion. She is an engaging speaker on subjects including technology ethics, diversity, AI-emerging tech, future of healthcare, among others. She presently leads global research agency Ipsos's work on deliberative engagement.

Reema has undertaken work at the cross-section of three fields- technology ethics, public engagement and diversity. She co-founded the Ada Lovelace Institute where she established its work on public engagement and participation. She is an author of several Ada Lovelace Institute’s reports, including Beyond Face Value, Rethinking Data, The Data Divide and Participatory Data Stewardship among others. She also co-authored a report for On Think Tanks on the global evidence base for public engagement.

Before working at the Ada Lovelace Institute, Reema advised the Bank of England on their approach to public engagement and participation in economics, work that was endorsed by the Bank’s Chief Economist in an official speech entitled Climbing the Public Engagement Ladder. She continues to serve as a member of the Bank of England’s Central Bank Digital Currency Engagement Forum, and is a Senior Fellow of the Finance Innovation Lab.

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