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Judging Criteria

We are interested in any organisation that feels it is doing something innovative and useful in the field of work. The Awards will go to those organisations that can show they:

  • have a proven track record of impact;
  • address a significant challenge;
  • use an innovative approach,
  • have at least the potential to spread and scale up.

The judges may decide to make some awards to up and coming and promising projects which do not yet have evidence of impact.


The Nomination/Selection Process

There are two ways for an organisation to become a candidate for an Award.

Our dedicated in-house research team is scouring the world for organisations which seem to meet the criteria, drawing on our partners extensive networks, literature reviews and web searches. In addition we are seeking public nominations of possible organisations using the form below.

Our researchers will use that form to collect evidence of impact, organisational features and the extent of innovation. During the Autumn our research team will filter the long list created to identify the organisations most likely to meet the criteria above. This process of filtering will involve interviews with some of the candidate organisations to provide more information about nominees.

The judging panel will meet in December to discuss a final list of awardees. We have not put a lower or upper limit on the number of awards that might be made. That will be at the discretion of the jury.