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The Awards will made to organisations that show outstanding creativity and effective innovation in address one among the 9 themes listed below.

These themes are just guides to what we are looking for, not rigid categories.

If you know an innovative organisation which is making a real impact in the field of work which does not fit into one these categories then we would be especially pleased to hear from you.

Skills and training

Programmes which equip young people with the skills they need to weather oncoming technological trends, or which help adults to transition into new and growing forms of work

Worker voice

New kinds of trades unions, mutuals and cooperatives, which give workers greater influence not only on their own working conditions but on policy at a national level

Economic security

Initiatives that help workers to maintain, stabilise and grow their incomes, and which offer important protections such as sick pay, retirement planning, tax planning, credit score management, and maternity/paternity pay

Fairer platforms

New platforms of gig economy work that provide people with a fair wage and genuine flexibility, breathing new life into the ideals of the sharing economy

Tech for good

Imaginative uses of artificial intelligence and robotics to augment human labour, allowing jobs to become more creative, satisfying and efficient

Diversity and inclusion

Programmes that open up good work to people on the margins of the economy, regardless of their age, gender, race, sexuality, location or mental and physical health conditions

Organisational form

New types of organisation, like B Corps, which through their ownership and governance models are designed to promote more inclusive, fairer approaches to work

Management and HR

Management and HR innovation that allows employers to bring out the best in their workers, whether through intelligent delegation, flexible schedules or remote working