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An AI-enabled job platform allowing people to rapidly find ‘on-demand’ work


There is a lack of income generation and flexible working opportunity for people in Latin America. Meanwhile, for companies that deal with turnover and absenteeism, it takes weeks or longer to hire for an unfilled position. These are unfilled jobs and work-days that can be provided to the on-demand workforce.

Apli uses an AI chatbot to make job-matching as fast and frictionless as possible, opening these unfilled jobs and work-days to the on-demand workforce.

In collaboration with a private insurer, Apli designed a first of its kind microinsurance product which covers workers for accidents for the duration of their assignments. It has also worked with a payroll administration company to develop automated worker social security registration, enabling companies to hire gig workers as employees instead of independent contractors without drowning in paperwork.


Current and Future Impact

In 2 years, Apli has matched 30,000 temporary assignments in Mexico, paying twice the typical wage and generating $500,000 of additional income for students, part time workers and single parents. Currently the platform has over 35,000 registered candidates and over 450 active companies. Apli's chatbots are currently running in Spanish and English, and the platform plans to expand across the US and Latin America in 2019.

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Region: Latin America and the Caribbean [Map]

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