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A bias free up-skilling program that uses AI to analyse whether candidates are good potential tech hires based on skills rather than pedigrees


Currently, tech jobs of the future are reserved for those with elite markers of success (education, previous work experience, social networks, socioeconomic class, etc.). Catalyte provides an opportunity to create a more productive, inclusive and diverse digital economy.

Catalyte uses AI to pinpoint who has the natural ability to become a great developer and create new workforces across communities. Candidates are trained for 12 to 20 weeks and then deployed into software development teams for Catalyte’s clients over two years, allowing candidates to earn an income while learning to become a full-fledged software developer. Unlike boot camps or other education programs, Catalyte guarantees jobs for anyone who makes it through their training.


Current and Future Impact

Catalyte has upskilled over 1,000 individuals from diverse backgrounds who lacked the traditional markers of pedigree that normally would have locked them out of the tech industry. Catalyte now operates development centers in Baltimore, Portland, and Chicago and is in talks to license their AI platform internationally.

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