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A worker voice platform that helps low-wage migrant workers in the US leave abusive jobs without risking livelihoods


Hundreds of thousands of seasonal migrant workers are recruited to work in the US each year in the country’s lowest-paid, most high-risk jobs. Developed by Centro de los Derechos del Migrante, Inc. (CDM), a transnational workers’ rights centre based in Mexico, is the first worker voice platform tailored to the needs and interests of seasonal migrant workers.

While the platform has been called a “Yelp” or “Glassdoor” for workers, it offers workers much greater support than similar technologies. Unlike these platforms, takes a holistic approach to migrant worker’s rights through pre-departure education, legal services, and policy advocacy.


Current and Future Impact

Since launching in 2014, has gained nearly half a million users. The platform’s success has raised visibility for CDM’s other services, helping at least 200 workers avoid fraudulent recruitment in the past 2 years, a niche area of expertise.

The model is being replicated elsewhere in the world. CDM have already piloted a project in Turkey, helping a local workers’ rights organisation launch a similar platform adapted for Syrian refugees in the textile industry.


Region: North America [Map]

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