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Provides verified, portable, digital badges that give employers evidence of in-demand skills and allow job-seekers to show employers what they know and can do


The traditional method of relying on a college degree as a proxy for skills stifles economic growth, limits socio-economic mobility, and does not account for on-the-job training or alternative qualifications. Credly is focused on making people’s skills more visible, verifiable, and portable so that they can connect those skills with opportunities.

Credly’s digital credential platform issues digital badges to recognise skills and workplace achievements. It also provides students with robust labour market data that can help them to establish a career path, alongside targeted learning recommendations to help enable their progression. The platform also connects job seekers with opportunities, based on their unique qualifications.


Current and Future Impact

Credly has issued digital badges in every country in the world and issues thousands of credentials daily. For example, the IBM Open Badge Program launched in 2016 now manages 1,700 badge-able activities and has issued over 1 million digital credentials to more than 400,000 individuals. This initiative helped improved recruitment, engagement, and retention, and provide a virtual “heat map” of the skills possessed by badge earners in 195 countries.


Region: North America [Map]

Theme(s):  Skills and Training