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An on-demand house cleaning platform that directly employs their service providers and takes the operational and financial risk to balance the demand side of the marketplace


Gig economy platforms sell the concept of freedom and flexibility, but many workers lack important protections. If a worker is sick, gets pregnant or gets injured, there is no safety net and no basic employment rights. Hogaru does not use independent contractors, but directly employs (with full benefits) cleaners from vulnerable backgrounds in Colombia. On top of receiving a better income and health insurance, Hogaru’s cleaners get access to financial services like micro-loans.


Current and Future Impact

Hogaru has employed directly over 770 cleaners with full time jobs, health insurance, a pension savings plan and other benefits. 80% are single mothers and victims of the Colombia war. Additionally, Hogaru has issued over 4,500 emergency loans to help their employees when they most need it. Based on an internal survey conducted in 2017, Hogaru’s employees improved their economic conditions by 27% on average.

Hogaru has already scaled across 5 cities in Colombia and has plans to expand the business model to other countries with high informality in the domestic cleaning sector.


Region: Latin America and the Caribbean [Map]

Theme(s):  Fairer Platforms / Economic Security