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A 6-month intensive technology training bootcamp for underserved women in Latin America to help them access new employment opportunities


In Latin America, it is difficult for young women from underserved backgrounds to access quality education and work opportunities. 70% of the 22 million Latin American youth who do not work, or study are women. At the same time, companies struggle to find the correct technological skills in an ever-changing labour market.

Laboratoria works with students to secure employment and has a business model where it only gets paid if and after a participant gets a job in the tech world, making the program highly accessible.


Current and Future Impact

Labatoria started in 2014 with 15 students from two slums in Lima, Peru. To date, they have trained over 1,000 software developers and UX designers, of which 80% have secured employment in more than 300 companies. These students, on average, triple their income through the program. Laboratoria currently operates in Peru, Chile, Mexico, and Brazil and plans to scale their model across Latin America.

Region: Latin America and the Carribean [Map]

Theme(s):  Skills and Training / Diversity and Inclusion