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Online platform that partners with Kenyan artisans to showcase and promote their products and services


The informal sector in Kenya is enormous. Over 80% of employment takes place informally, encompassing everything from carpenters to nannies, tailors and electricians. These workers are plagued by uncertainty, low pay, and few opportunities for career growth.

The majority of employment interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa focus either on job-matching for the formal sector or training and financing for informal sector. Lynk aims to provide both the access to jobs and “entrepreneurship infrastructure” including training, loans, customer service, and a digital-career identity to enable blue collar workers to thrive in this space.


Current and Future Impact

Lynk has facilitated over 20,000 jobs for more than 1,100 Pros on the platform to-date. 43.9% of these Pros are female, and over 60% are young. Pros are typically unemployed or underemployed when they join Lynk. The average Pro has completed 22 jobs, earning over $1,000. And a total of $1.6m has been transferred to workers on the platform.


Region: Kenya, Sub-Saharan Africa

Theme(s):  Fairer platforms / Skills and training