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A banking app for freelancers and gig-workers that uses alternative credit-risk scoring to provide better-priced loans and credit  


Gig work is becoming a new norm, with the RSA estimating approximately 1.1 million such workers in the UK and 1 in 4 young people expected to partake in gig work at some point in their careers. These workers are often marginalised by financial service providers – their erratic incomes and ‘thin file’ credit histories disqualify them from essential products like fairly priced loans.

Portify uses open banking to provide a credit score with bank transaction data. This data is combined with proprietary user behaviour data collected from their mobile app. The app also offers tax, ISA/pension savings, discounts and financial education products in addition to credit, allowing for a more holistic financial picture of uses and tailored products at better rates.


Current and Future Impact

Portify has worked with four major companies, including gig economy platforms, to create an existing reach of 30,000 users and a pipeline total reach of 80,000 users. On average, Portify has helped users save £500 in avoided overdraft fees, reduced accountancy charges and discounts. They are currently raising investment for expansion to gig workers globally.


Region: Europe [Map]

Theme(s): Economic Security / Fairer Platforms