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ULTRA Testing

A fully remote company providing high quality software testing services, 75% of whose workforce is on the autistic spectrum


While there has been much progress with workplace diversity, neurodiversity in the workplace remains uncommon. The 1% of the world’s population who are autistic remain a massive untapped resource. And due to misperceptions, that they can only be managed onsite, remote working opportunities are rarely offered.

ULTRA is fully remote, employing a large segment of the autistic population who are unable to commute to work or feel uncomfortable working in an office. Across the organisation they are redesigning what work looks like to reduce stress triggers, accommodate a wide range of learning styles, and maximise team performance.


Current and Future Impact

ULTRA has 60 employees working in 19 states across the US, 75% of whom are on the autism spectrum. They are growing a rate of 50% annually and serving Fortune500 clients including Google and IBM. The success of their business model is a clear demonstration that neurodiversity is not just something to ‘accommodate’ but a positive asset. Looking ahead, ULTRA hopes to open source their business practices to equip many more employers to embrace neurodiversity (and diversity in all its forms) as a critical component of their business strategy.

ULTRA testing

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