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About RSA: Innovative Education

We want schools and colleges to tackle ingrained inequality, and prepare young people for the economy of the future. We believe that the best way to achieve this is to put power back into the hands of the educators and give them the space to be creative.

Appraisal, performance related pay and ever-increasing working hours mean educators lack the time, motivation or career stability to engage in anything new or creative. They are asking “Is this the way I was told to teach this?”, and worrying what grade their lesson might receive. We want them to ask “Is there a better way to do this?”


The RSA believes there is a better way.


Working with school governors, leaders and trustees, we will transform the educational landscape, school by school. These key groups take the research and recommendations of our Action and Research Centre, and transform it into tools, best practice guides and strategies for placing creative power back into the hands of teachers. They will:

1.      Give educators the time, space and encouragement to innovate

2.      Develop the creative capacities of staff and students

3.      Place innovative teaching and learning at the centre of their school’s strategic vision

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