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Pilots & Projects

As part of our work to transform education systems, RSA Innovative Education collabrates with our network to run pilot programmes which test and trial  a wide range of new and innovative ideas. 

 What is a pilot programme?

A pilot programme is an opportunity to test a new idea in the field. We take an initial educational prototype and ask the schools in our network to evaluate it for us. We then take their feedback and modify (or ditch) the idea before we take it to scale.

Where do pilot programme ideas come from?

IE gets its pilot programmes from two different places. Firstly we gather ideas from within our network, using design thinking and workshops to shape these into prototypes that can be taken into the school setting. Secondly we draw on the initiatives and outputs of the RSA’s action and research centre, working to turn research into reality.

Can I be involved?

If you are a teacher, school governor, parent or have any other role in a school then we’d love for you to get involved. Check out the various pilots above to see if there are any that you could run in your own school.