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This Project builds on research by Bath and North East Somerset Council regarding  the need to develop Bath’s Creative Economy. The area has also been identified by NESTA (2010) as a creative hotspot.

Work by creative organisations like 5x5x5 Creativity and Egg, demonstrates the growing demand for engagement with contemporary creativity at all levels and ages. Despite this, there is no space provision in Bath unlike the evidential success of other UK cities in cultural infrastructure development e.g Glasgow, Middlesborough, Bristol and Manchester.

The aim of Art Space Bath is to address the creative opportunities that are missing - by making creativity visible the creativity in the city and engaging new audiences as the bridge to developing a contemporary, multi-disciplinary installation, as proof of concept and precursor for a more permanent space.

As part of a 4 day event the wider vision is to:

  • Make Bath's collective imagination visible

  • Inspire and develop creativity in people of all ages

  • Encourage creative talent to stay in the city and bring radical creative projects to Bath

  • Provide an attractive meeting place for creative entrepreneurs and professionals

  • Encourage inclusivity and openness

  • Provide an innovative hub for CCIs

  • Establish a model of partnership working





  • Experience and processes of the project will be harvested and documented to create a legacy for local organisations (5x5x5 creativity, Tedx, Youth Bath etc), to support creativity and entrepreneurship in young people

  • The project will also be an exemplar for innovation in co-creativity, co-design and co-curatorship

  • Personal and social engagement will be demonstrated as the connective tissue between contemporary arts and Bath’s reinvention and interconnecting cultural, economic and public value


The model of partnership working will facilitate the launch of a concerted fund-raising programme to take the project forward to the next stage, to include a public campaign building on the theme of wide engagement. Resources created will also contribute to a wider portfolio of evidence with which to engage public and private funding sources and sponsors.

The documented model, exemplars and lessons learned will be transferable to other cities wishing to embark upon a significant creative economy development.


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