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From ideas to action

Gada uses a method called Idea-to-Action Process (ITAP): it invites citizens to send their policy ideas and helps them develop innovative policy proposals, it brokers collaborations, builds critical mass and helps organise effective campaigns both online and offline. There is no pre-set agenda, users are in the driving seat.


Here is our plan. In October, we will begin testing, and during our first year, we hope to: engage with our key user group (university students), get some ideas through our ITAP method, and learn what must be improved before launching on a national scale. There is a lot of work to do.

The team

Dr Mattia Fosci FRSA, is the founder and director of GADA. He has spent over 15 years roaming between the frontline of activism, the lofty halls of government departments and the dusty bookshelves of universities, trying to find solutions to great collective challenges. A privileged observer of the policy world, he has lectured law at university, worked in international development and environmental negotiations, and was part of a small group of people who started the Occupy London movement in 2011 (before it got too radical!)


Matt Pennington is University engagement officer. He is a recent International Relations graduate with experience of student organising and political research. He has acted as President of Nottingham Trent University's International Relations Society, and is interested in matters related to political ideologies, political engagement, security, and the changing role of the State in the international and domestic arenas.


 GADA is a new way of intending democracy. Once tested, its value proposition - focused on evidence-based policy, network building and youth empowerment – can be extended to all constituencies across the country, and replicated in other countries too. What we need is to engage with people, learn our lessons quickly, and build our networks. If we do that, then anything is possible, but in order to do that, we need your help. It’s time to be bold.

The success of these interventions is measured via an Employability Map, which tracks personal soft skills growth. Success is also measured by how many employees graduate to be self-employed coffee franchise owners and how many progress into employment, education or training.