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Public trust in business ethics and politicians (18%) is pitifully low. There is misalignment between the human values of customers and the economic values of the businesses we buy from. There is a gap between civic will and political action. Politics is seens as dull and inaccessible. 

iagree gives business the confidence it needs to better align their values with their customers and politicians have more representation of their constituents, and so can better serve them. Between e-petitions (38degrees), surveys (MORI), online reputation tools (Klout, PeerIndex), and digital democracy ( there is a space to combine the best of each, and push forward on all. 


The iAgree Solution

iagree asks a series of simple questions, with new and topical ones every day. Everyone's answers are shared, with details of location, age and gender. The answers help to gain an understanding of values and opinions in order to better evolve solutions.

Is fossil fuel divestment held back by youth apathy or the over 50s worried about pension funds? Is HS2 really a NIMBY issue? Who else needs to be involved before complete statistical relevance can be shown in any constituency?

iagree is quick, engaging, and fun - and because it shows you the results and how you compare right away, it's informative and educational – and built to be shared with friends.

By leveraging social media to drive engagement and user growth, iagree encourages habitual return. A simple, clean, easily navigated structure, which you can drop in and out of, maximises data-collection while offering:

  • Individuals an easy way to express their view and understand how their community thinks. The “call to action” feature will help users live their values by finding and supporting the organisations whose values they share, re-aligning the values and interests of citizens and organisations

  • Companies a better way to engage and understand the views of stakeholders - especially employees and customers - thus allowing them to build stronger connections with their stakeholders through reshaping their offer and behaviour

  • Political bodies (including local and city councils, political parties etc.) a way to engage with constituents and members. Regular dialogue between decision makers and members/constituents gives citizens a voice between elections, whilst the easy-to-use technology platform and mobile app will help engage the younger population in local, national and global politics and issues

The iagree Beta version is now available to view. 


A committed team already successfully launched a beta. 180 users signed up, providing over 5,000 answers already. iagree are actively seeking the additional support required.

Income – iagree will be commercially viable from an early stage:

1. Premium membership - greater level of data analysis and features for small monthly fee.

2. Affiliate revenues - helping users act on their values by providing a “call to action” e.g. Do you support fracking? → No → Suggestion: change your energy supplier → we earn £25).  iagree have tested this model with (8,000 hits in one month, 1,500 click-throughs, >200 people switched)

3. Deeper analytic reports - values of defined population e.g. views of men between 35-40 yrs old who live in Bristol area on electric cars. The team are engaging with potential customers to test demand and evolve offering to ensure customer value.

4. Geo-targeted questions -  organisations pay to access a user group with specific value-based questions.

5. Sponsored questions - users can “opt-in” to receive more questions from organisation they trust putting ownership of the relationship in the hands of the user.

Feedback from early business meetings has been positive, demonstrating that there is a clear market for iagree. The collaborative relationships that are being built will help to rapidly scale the user and customer base. e.g. Ecotricity will allow contact with their employees (and possibly customers) as well as promotion through partners in their Green Britain Foundation.

Global potential – there is a growing desire and trend for greater engagement with people e.g. participatory budgeting in Mexico City, Bristol Mayor, and also a growing awareness of the need for a new business paradigm e.g. The B Team, biomimicry. The common theme is the desire for a more values-based world.

Press – seeking media partners for daily feedback on breaking news and to grow userbase e.g. The Metro group. The group is also speaking to campaign groups such as Bristol Green Capital to work collaboratively on using iagree as an engagement tool, thus further raising its profile and user base.



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