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educating through performance

The project initially ran local consultations with head-teachers, parents, community groups, the media and academics who all agreed that in this age of technology and ‘house-bound lives’ there is a need for positive and inspiring ways of conveying life-lessons. Furthermore, as families and communities they need to think carefully about how they introduce the world to their young people.  Projects that explore ‘life-themes’ such as gratitude and awe, are often underpinned by religion (Sunday School, Brownies/Beevers) and these may not appeal to all. 

The Magic of Life

At the festival, families will travel through four ‘zones’ taking part in pioneering workshops and gathering inspiring information to broaden their awareness about, and to increase their connection with, the Body and Mind (Zone 1), Community (zone 2), Nature (zone 3), and the World (Zone 4).

At the event there will be a performance by three primary schools of ‘The Enchanted Child musical,’ (already funded by UnltD and The Lottery).  This performance tells of a disconnected child who goes on an adventure and finds greater connection with their body, mind, community, nature and the world. The children in the musical will already have taken part in some of the organisation's pioneering music, dance, creative movement, mindfulness and yoga-based workshops at their schools.  A pilot performance is already funded but at present will only be watched by the children’s parents.

The RSA Catalyst and crowdfunding support will help create an open festival where other families can watch the performance, and can themselves go on this self-explorative ‘journey through the zones’.  The work will therefore have maximum impact, will increase community cohesion, raise awareness and act as a platform for future work.



The festival can be recreated in other cities and scaled up to charge an admission. Books and music associated with the program can also be sold.  There will be an income from schools for their children to come on the ‘journey’ and partake in this psychology and arts-based well-being program.  Early interest from schools has secured a contribution for their performance at the event.

This passionate and vibrant programme is a great spark and catalyst that reminds young people to ‘notice and appreciate’ the potential within and around them, and which ‘moves’ them and lets them experience healthy ways of being. The programme has national and international scalability and Magic of Life is already a positive voice in the community, drawing together many groups.


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