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connecting food with people

Some organisations, such as Pret a Manger (donor), FoodCycle and Fareshare (receivers) are already working to reduce their food waste and converting surplus food into meals for people who need it. However, there are still many more who don’t know this is possible and are not aware of the existing different solutions for different needs, such as scale of the business, type of food, location of a store and restaurants.

It was found that there are several ways to address this issue and what is missing is the inspiration and information to create the links between each particular case and what can be done.



 Stage 1: collect information:

  • Identify businesses and organisations which can donate surplus food and organizations/projects which can receive it

  • Classify/categorize solutions, define characteristics of donors and recipients


Stage 2: disseminate information:

  • Create an online map, link donors and recipients who are in close proximity

  • Run campaign to drive-up adoption and engage local communities

As the concept is proved, the team are working on consolidate knowledge and operational model:

Keytree has redesigned the map, with user direct input and more advanced technology, including automated matchmaking system and communication system to streamline  surplus food donation process (new platform to be launched early 2015) 


Stage 3: reward and recognition

  • Launch a Zheroes Index:

  • Increase visibility and reward best practice

  • Help councils and citizens promote a healthier neighbourhood 



Having created the initial map with 500 entries, further investment will be used to extend the map to engage volunteers and transporters able to overcome logistical barriers, expand coverage across  London and other parts of the UK/the World. The PZ solution is evolving from an online tool towards an online community, and toolkits are being developed to empower citizens and communities to grow Zheroes local initiatives. 

The aim is to provide the use of the digital platform for free to any user, and develop revenues from professional services to support organisations to overcome their operational and cultural barriers to donate/receive surplus food. Plan Zheroes aspires to become the knowledge hub for surplus food in the UK. 

As an example, current knowledge allowed Plan Zheroes create the at the request of the GLA to guide citizens and advisors to identify reliable providers of low cost and free food in London.

Plan Zheroes has been advising Sustain/FoodSave in food waste prevention and how to set up surplus food donations. They would also like to convert a bus into a mobile kitchen/restaurant which could use surplus food and promote Plan Zheroes in London

The team have a new partnership with NUS (National Students Union) to roll out a national programme help set up Student’s led food redistribution schemes; with Sustain/FoodSave programme they helped set up and coordinate the food donations from Borough Market (where in 20 weeks we rescued 5 Tonnes of Surplus Food from 4 bakers and 3 vegetable traders), they have started a new partnership (through an RSA Fellow Michael King), which the new platform will be trialled to support OASIS/We Believe programme in Liverpool growth plan. We have been awarded a grant from Garfield Weston, and Maria Ana is currently at the SSE/Lloyds Bank Start-Up programme.


Visit the Plan Zheroes website