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Two different Leadership Workshops for different leadership roles, interactively tackle two questions:

  1. How can we increase awareness of Restorative Justice benefits for victims and the organisations that support them?

  2. How can we increase access to Resorative Justice for victims of crime?

After trialling these workshops we now have a list of the roles of possible invitees for the morning workshop (Strategic Leaders) and the afternoon workshop (Grassroots Leaders). We are responsible for our own funding but would need members of a local Project Team to help with finding the right venue to accommodate approximately 30 participants in the morning and another 30 in the afternoon.  There is also an option to provide a networking lunch between the two.



We have new and innovative materials and event content which has been created through two RSA Catalyst grants.  These include fictional film moments alongside documentary interviews and very short animated films created at Falmouth University specifically for these workshops. This project has had the support of iconic actress Jenny Agutter who has recorded the commentary for the first animated film, and supports this work as a Fellow of the RSA.

We have a strong understanding of the cultural changes that are needed for  Restorative Practices  to flourish and grow.  In the context of public services, this is a real opportunity for communities, including the RSA community, to take and use the power to create.

We are hoping for considerable interest from RSA Fellows to fulfil the potential of this project and make a transformative difference for those most marginalised in society.  Please do get in touch.


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