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Call for ideas

*NOW CLOSED* The Call for Ideas was focused on practical action that could improve the ways we eat, farm, and regenerate our environment and countryside communities.

Before opening this call, we reviewed over 1,000 existing proposals and assessed proposals to highlight patterns and gaps in existing evidence.

We found that proposals are often in silos. Many proposals are simply for further strategies and plans - ‘proposals for proposals’. While some topics are relatively neglected, overall we found a rich diversity of ideas, informed by a wide range of experience.

With the Call for Ideas we wanted to know what people thought. We wanted to hear what we'd missed or misunderstood in our review, practical ideas and how to address the challenges: which ideas should the Commission explore in-depth and develop. We wanted to find the big ideas that might get missed because they don’t fit neatly in one department or sector, because they seem too difficult, or because the people they’d benefit don’t have a voice.


The responses to our Call for Ideas were detailed and insightful. Read the blog on the big ideas the respondants were passionate about.

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