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Find out if people in your area with serious mental health conditions are getting access to important health checks.

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People experiencing serious mental health conditions have important medical tests less frequently than other people. This may contribute to a lower life expectancy.

We have looked at the degree to which people with serious mental health conditions are less likely than other people within an area to get medical tests. Here you can see how GPs compare in your area on this measure.

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What can I do about improving my health?

If you are already living with a long-term condition such as heart disease or diabetes, you will need regular visits to your GP and other health professionals for check-ups and advice. Leading a healthy lifestyle will help to prevent your condition from getting worse.
You can reduce your risk of getting long-term conditions leading a healthy lifestyle: not smoking, eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and by reducing alcohol consumption.


Get support

See your GP and other health and care professionals if you are concerned about your health. Enlist the support of friends, family and carers to help you manage conditions better and prevent getting ill in the first place. has information on conditions and living well. Organisations such as MIND are also there to provide advice and help you access services that can help.


Get the right checks

Attend regular health checks such as the NHS Health Check, which all people between 45 and 74 are entitled to once every five years. Your GP should invite you for a Health Check and you’ll need to get in touch to set one up. Women will be invited for a cervical screening test (or smear test) every few years. If you have an existing condition such as diabetes, your GP or diabetes care team will need to take a reading of your blood glucose level every two to six months.


Feedback on health and care services

The NHS and care services need feedback from service users to help them improve. You can share your experiences of services, both good and bad, with your local Healthwatch. Find your nearest Healthwatch and share your views.